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Carol Ringenberg is the Director of Development with Schuyler Community Development, a 501 c 3, often called LB 840. LB 840 is based on the premise that voters of a municipality can choose to spend their tax dollars in the manner they find best suited to meet their local development needs. Within certain limits, local municipalities are given latitude in defining local economic development needs and spending their tax dollars to meet them.

Carol’s office is in the Homestead Center, 1119 B Street, Schuyler, Nebraska; she has been in this role since December 2022. 

Before becoming the Director of Development, Carol spent her career in Natural Gas Utility marketing and sales, higher education administration and implementation, serving Nebraska Extension in Cass County, The Kimmel Education and Research Center located in Nebraska City, and the Nebraska Department of Education Career and Technical Education as state Director for Health Sciences.

Carol holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Affairs and Education from McCook Community College and the University of Nebraska – IANR and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from the University of Nebraska College of Education. 

Carol has deep connections to Nebraska's agricultural and small rural communities. She proudly grew up working on the Ringenberg Family Farm operation in South Central Nebraska.

Brian Bywater is the Community Housing Specialist with Schuyler Community Development, a 501(c)(3) located in Schuyler, Nebraska, and has been in this role since October 2014.  The Community Housing Specialist position was created to place a full-time focus on growing Schuyler’s housing stock, and exists through a partnership between, local government and business sources to build capacity through facilitating accelerated expansion of new housing construction, to continue upgrading overall quality of existing housing stock, and to grow Schuyler’s property tax base.  To date, Brian is credited with helping establish 69 housing units in Schuyler, and increasing the municipal valuation 54.82% to $239,368,515.


Prior to becoming Community Housing Specialist, Brian spent 20 years in the banking industry with experience in Bankcard telemarketing, credit and collections, as well as consumer, commercial, agricultural and residential mortgage lending.


Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and History from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, and holds an MBA from Bellevue University.  He is also a 2016 graduate of the Heartland Economic Development Course.


Brian is married to Christina who is a receptionist with Pinnacle Bank-Schuyler, and they are the parents of two sons, Connor (21), who is a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and Gavin (17), who is a senior at Schuyler Central High School.

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