Address: 204 E 10th Street, Schuyler, NE 68661 Telephone: 402.352.5444

Address: 204 E 10th Street, Schuyler, NE 68661 Telephone: 402.352.5444


Schuyler’s principal source of power supply is from a 115 kV substation located 2.5 miles north of Schuyler on Nebraska Highway 15.  This substation is interconnected with the Loup Power District / Nebraska Public Power District statewide grid system.

Schuyler’s power supply is from two separate 34.5 kV bays at the substation.  Both bays are protected by power circuit breakers.  One bay supplies an overhead of 34.5 kV, 226 ACSR transmission line.  The other bay supplies a 750 MCM underground, T2 4/0 ACSR overhead 34.5 kV transmission line. Both circuits are connected at separate points to a 34.5 kV ring bus around the city.

Schuyler’s 12.5 kV wye and 4.16 kV wye loop feed distribution system uses six substations to manage the current peak demand of 26,188 kW.  These substations are connected at strategic points to the 34.5 kV ring bus, for a total of 77 MVA capacity to serve its residential, rural, commercial, industrial, and public service customers.

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Schuyler's municipal water system is supplied by four ground wells at an average depth of 85 feet.  The system has a combined pumping capacity of 4,000 gallons per minute and an overhead storage capacity of 1,000,000 gallons.  Overhead storage capacity is supported by two separate water towers (500,000 gallons each).

Average daily demand is 951,700 gallons per day; historic peak daily demand is 2,390,000 gallons. The system has a maximum capacity of 4,388,000 gallons per day.  Static pressure is 60 pounds and the residual pressure varies from 35 to 40 pounds per square inch.

An 85-foot well will produce approximately 500 gallons of water per minute.  The water table has not changed significantly in the past five years. 

The color of the water is clear and the hardness, in parts per million, is 320.  Average tap water temperature varies from 40° to 46° in the winter and 54° to 57° in summer.  

Quality of water in Schuyler does not necessitate a water treatment plant. 

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Schuyler has a municipal sanitary sewerage system and a storm sewer system. The treatment facility consists of six lagoons with a 210-acre land application area.

The plant was built in 1963 with major improvements in 1980, 1997, and 2004. The daily capacity of the treatment facility is 700,000 gallons.

Average daily flow is 445,000 gallons and the historic peak daily discharge of 553,900 gallons. The application area is leased for agricultural use and rental monies applied to operation of the municipal sanitary sewerage system.

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