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Schuyler is the county seat for Colfax County and was originally known as Shell Creek Station. Colfax County is one of three counties created when the Nebraska legislature divided Platte County into three separate counties. The newly created Colfax eastern county was named Colfax and Shell Creek Station became Schuyler in 1870.

Because of its central location, Schuyler has participated in four significant historical events: The Oregon Trail from 1836 to 1869; the Mormon Trail from the 1840s to the 1850s; the Transcontinental Railway in 1866; and America’s first transcontinental highway, the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway project from 1913 to 1925.

Schuyler became the Midwestern home of the Benedictine Missions in 1935. In 1997, the St. Benedict Center was constructed near the Benedictine Mission House four miles north of Schuyler. One of Nebraska’s most beautiful recreational centers is Schuyler’s Oak Ballroom, built in 1937. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Oak Ballroom is located at the entrance to the south city park and is situated on the old Mormon Trail.

With a population of more than 6,200, Schuyler is a progressive, First Class City with a growing multi-cultural population.